Aims and Goals of the APF

22 April 2005 - The Andreas Papandreou Foundation (APF) was established in Athens in 1996 in memory of Andreas Papandreou. It is a benevolent, non-profit institution, the initiatives of which are based on the ideas, the political thought and vision of Andreas G. Papandreou.

The primary goal of the Andreas Papandreou Foundation, apart from studying, researching and promoting the life and work of Andreas G. Papandreou, is mainly the contribution, in a meaningful way, to the advancement of intellectual and political life in Greece. Within this framework, APF is using a variety of citizen-oriented approaches with regard to Greece’s economic, social and cultural dimensions both nationally and internationally. The guiding principles dictating the philosophy of the Foundation are the importance paid to individual freedom, social accountability, and technological advancement for the benefit of the citizen. Moreover, APF focuses on the need for a responsible and accountable government that will ensure continuous social advancement and qualitative improvement of life.

The Foundation is active in the academic arena and is responsible for the organization of conferences, seminars, symposiums and lectures as well as the conduction of research papers and studies. The outcomes and findings of such ventures are available to the public and can be utilized by the Greek State, international and other organizations. In addition, the Foundation collaborates with other research institutions and undertakes the publication of academic papers.

Another important objective of the Foundation is to support and encourage the participation of each citizen in the decision making process and to ensure the increased importance of public dialogue within the context of a civil society.

The vision of APF is to enrich public dialogue, to encourage social participation into political processes and to contribute to the shaping of a civil society of equal opportunities.

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